Fiona Kerr Gedson - ’Pilgrimage’

Fiona Kerr Gedson - ’Pilgrimage’

Exhibiting Friday 12th - 1st August 2024

There has been a significant shift in Fiona's art and personal journey, which has resulted in this new series, marking a new chapter.

In a pivotal time of self-discovery recently, after all of her four children had left home, she embarked on a transformative journey. 

Walking the Camino de Santiago for over 1500 kilometres, starting in Le Puy-en-Velay, she found solace amidst the stunning landscapes and profound moments of spiritual reflection in chapels and cathedrals along the way, finding herself particularly captivated by the stained glass windows, weaving stories of hope and reflection, with their intricacies.

Despite a heart-breaking setback while on her journey, with her father's sudden passing just three weeks into her pilgrimage—she persevered, honouring his memory and enduring the challenges that followed. 

This pilgrimage marked not just a physical feat, but a turning point in her life. It inspired a new series of artworks that delve into themes of resilience, spirituality, and personal growth. 

Each piece bears witness to her journey, both literal and metaphorical, encapsulating the essence of her experiences on the Camino and beyond.

Fiona Kerr Gedson's feather works intricately weave nature's elegance into vibrant tapestries of art. Each feather, meticulously selected and arranged, evokes a harmony of colors and textures that mesmerizes viewers. Her artworks not only celebrate beauty but also reflect a deep connection to the natural world, inviting contemplation and wonder.

We hope you enjoy this stunning and meaningful new series of works by Fiona Kerr Gedson.


FKG – Q&A’s 

- Who and what inspires your artwork?

 Making sense of everyday life inspires my mahi, it helps me process & celebrate stages that I am going through. Creating my work is just plain good for me: it centers and focuses me in the best way. I also love the collaboration that occurs with commissioned work. Often, something new arises from that process, whether that is the work being informed by a specific space or the desire to convey a specific message for clients. The feathers themselves are also inspiring to me!


- What do you think it is about your work that immediately captures the hearts of collectors?

 There is something that culminates in the creating of my mahi that can feel healing to people, I'm told of these experiences time and again. Little credit to me - I'm but a conduit through which Creative Source Energy flows and it is that which is connected to through my work. The only credit that is mine, is that I continue to show up for the process. That takes commitment. I do my best to take diligent care of my whole self to be able to be present to my work. Also, undoubtedly what captures attention is the inherit beauty of the feathers as a medium, which is often only realised, with delight, upon closer inspection.


- Tell us more about your creative process? 

I simply glue feathers into patterns. Usually, though not always, I have a pretty good idea of where the work will go before I begin. Often there are lots of lines for guidance. Unlike a painter who may be unsure when a painting is complete, it is clear to me - the surface is covered. It is seldom that I will rework a piece, though there certainly have been exceptions. Each piece is a reference for the next, I'm continually learning new ways of combining feathers.


 - Can you tell us about your success as an artist and your biggest career highlight to date?

 I consider my success to be reflected in the quality relationships and connections that have developed through my mahi, and of course that I am able to solely support myself. My most recent highlight was being the only artist to have work commissioned for Ockham Residential's 'The Greenhouse', a new high-end residential apartment build. Four large scale works were created to adorn the elevator walls and another two pieces hang in the foyer. It's an honour to have my work in this monumental new building in Auckland's cityscape.


- What can we expect to see in this upcoming exhibition? 

This Pilgrimage series takes a new direction for my work, being inspired by the captivating patterns of the stained glass windows I observed while walking my first Camino de Santiago - I think there will be more! The series pays homage an important time in my life; the beginning of a new found freedom with all four of my children having left home and the unexpected passing of my Dad while I was walking. These works feel very significant to me, they were very personal in their creation. With them I honour my Dad. 


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