Kia whakatika ra

Kia whakatika ra

Dimensions: 91x102cm

Materials: Oil, Bitumen on Canvas




This work employs Māori motif on canvas to depict part of New Zealand’s founding document - Te Tiriti o Waitangi and is intended as a reminder of the foundation upon which fairness, equality and the protection of rights for people of New Zealand are guaranteed. Symbolic references include (whakairo pakati to reference re-form), tukutuku, roots (foundations of the treaty) maggot trails (asserting Māori customary title to the foreshore and seabed), the kape motif to reference the learning of this and the maggot to reference clearing pathways.

Note: the work is made to be placed upside down. When there is legislation passed that asserts, protect Maori customary titles, lands or seas the work should be turned back to its legible correct reading state. Thus returning the balance or rightful order.


Charlotte Graham