The Ballad of Heeni and her John Doe

The Ballad of Heeni and her John Doe

Medium: Sculpture

Artist Statement:

From far away shores did John Doe arrive

To Aotearoa – a land much alive

With beauty abundant, a visual feast

The fantail was drawn to this magnificent beast

Falling deeply in love with each other on sight

Heeni mapped his form with her passionate flight

A hunter appeared in the glen where he stood

Piwakawaka Heeni warned as best she could

The hunter took aim at the heart of John Doe

But Heeni was fearless and knew where to go

Flying at speed, no time to look

To save his life, the bullet she took

And now - in the future he searches above

As she whispers from the stars “remember our love”


Words by Emma Hamilton & Sean Crawford


Sean Crawford