“My name is Mandy Emerson. My inspiration is drawn from the nurturing environments of the garden and home with the memories they hold with an air of vintage. My work is unique yet oddly familiar as my influences can be seen and are recognisable on a personal or individual viewpoint. My works are often seen as an explosion of new growth, with everything competing with each other yet all flourishing together."


The products that Mandy applies are all added in a series of layers, giving them an almost vintage antique look as if they have been stored away in an attic somewhere waiting to be re-discovered, waiting to have the dust erased once again in the home that they belong in. After all, the home and garden is a nurturing place.

Recently, Mandy was awarded "Highly Commended" in the Mixed Medium section, in the National Woman’s Art Exhibition, and was the winner of the NZAAT Signature Award.