Michael Moore

Michael Moore

Michael Moore

Michael Moore was born in Wairarapa, New Zealand. The first four years of his life were spent in Te Wharau in a little valley east of Masterton, Michael forged a vivid memory of the surrounding hills here and this has been a key influence in his artwork as an adult.

Michael expresses his deep connection to the New Zealand landscape through his artwork. His paintings are an ongoing story and visual diary of this passion and he often produces a series of paintings on the same subject.

Regular study trips to the USA and UK have added international influences to his work; the minimalism of Georgia O'Keeffe and the perspective experimentation of David Hockney are particular favourites.

Michael’s acrylic and oil paintings appear in private and public collections around the world. He has exhibited nationally for almost 30 years and appears in The Concise Dictionary of New Zealand Artists (Guilt Edge Publishing, 2006) and in the 2005 Vero Calendar of New Zealand Artists.

 “I am passionately connected to the New Zealand landscape and my life as a painter allows me to continually express its effect upon me,” he says.

“My pad and pencil are never still, and many accidental fleeting glances eventually find their way into my paintings.”

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