Lightworx Gallery Grand Opening

Lightworx Gallery Grand Opening

We welcome you to the Grand Opening Exhibition of Lightworx Gallery.

With clean minimal lines, concrete floors and big white walls, Lightworx Gallery by Artbay, is a fresh, modern, contemporary gallery with a big city feel. Located in downtown Queenstown this innovative gallery is a national first. Featuring Avant-garde works that will inspire, engage and simply wow any audience.

The highest quality in light technology is used to create these spectacular works but more importantly than the advancements of technology is the effect that light, colour and space have on us all. The magical relationship of light and colour will send you into a mediative state and instantly you will feel how these elegant artworks will shape your mood, your feelings and your home.

Director Pauline Bianchi has curated a cutting-edge exhibition space that feels very unique. Lightworx Gallery showcases New Zealand’s award-winning modern artist’s visions and ideas with artworks that are interactive and uplifting.

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