Ben Timmins – Ubiquity

Ben Timmins – Ubiquity

Artbay Gallery welcomes the New Year with a Front Room Exhibition for award-winning Artist BEN TIMMINS.

His newest collection of works titled 'UBIQUITY' will be available to view from

January Wednesday 1st – Wednesday 15th 2020


Ben Timmins paints with oils on wooden panels, harmonising subject matter with wood grain, composing landscape and fauna studies. The painting process and materials used are deliberately employed to engage the viewer on many experiential levels.

There is an underlying resonance throughout these paintings, nature as a subject matter is painted upon nature itself, the wood grain is integrated into the compositions with both paint and subject. There are warmth and familiarity inherent within the use of wood, again the subject matter ‘nature’ has a similar effect upon us, yet these paintings are both familiar and otherworldly at the same time.

A contemplative insistence constantly challenges the viewer to re-evaluate reality. The photorealist painting juxtaposed with the palpable wood grain substrates presents an unsettling conundrum, the viewer is encountered with a dichotomy of ‘reality’, the realist imagery is convincing, firmly grasping our visual cortex, yet the wood panel pulls us back to the physical solid world.

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