Cheree Te Orangaroa Downes – WHETŪ

Cheree Te Orangaroa Downes – WHETŪ

Cheree Te Orangaroa Downes
WHETŪ Exhibition 

Front Room Gallery until 21st July 

Matariki 2021 
2nd - 10th July

Contrary to popular belief, there are nine stars in the star cluster of Matariki, rather than seven. They all hold dominion over particular areas of our environment as seen from a Māori worldview. In celebration of Matariki, Cheree Te Orangaroa Downes has released her newest collection of woven artwork titled 'Whetū'.

Cheree's artworks are inspired by each individual star within the Matariki Cluster. All 9 artworks feature a poetic description of the stars they're influenced by below. This info is from the teachings of Dr. Rangi Matamua and the online resource platform Te Wananga O Aotearoa.

Cheree Te Orangaroa Downes is a local Māori artist from Murihiku, Southland.  Her work is crafted using traditional techniques, handed down through many generations. Cheree combines harakeke (flax) and muka (flax fibre) with various materials such as metal, animal skins and rustic woods.

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