Eclectia Exhibition: John Shewry's latest bold exhibition

Eclectia Exhibition: John Shewry's latest bold exhibition

This August 2017, Artbay’s Exclusive Exhibitions space showcases John Shewry’s latest bold artworks.

Colourful, thought provoking and emotional, John Shewry’s artwork is an eclectic collection of media. The self-taught artist spends many hours searching charity shops for materials to use in his artworks, which often tell a tale of juxtaposing historic, political and news events.

Dolls, road signs and piggy banks adorn the walls in a colourful and striking collection inviting the viewer to think and engage.  

“It's retrospective in many ways as I have repurposed works and ideas to be more current with my thinking,” says John.  

“They are eclectic, thoughtful and emotional. A brief and colourful picture of my mind.”

John’s artworks display both a quirky sentiment and a message with a conscience. Bright, bold and packed with pathos, this exhibition will appeal to those who love unique New Zealand art with equal measures of humour and introspection.

John Shewry / Play Time at the Show  

"The changes technologies have made are not yet apparent in our children’s development but for my generation looking forward, Child's Play has a value no success or money could ever replace."

$4,995.00 NZD

Dimensions: 104x245cm

Medium: Mixed Media 


John Shewry / Silence While We Learn

"The Manu doll is encapsulated inside colonial New Zealand. She is expected to learn as taught, at the same rate, with the same results. There is no consideration of cultural or language differences, only consequences and labels given for the lack of understanding and learning. Without attributing race to the conversation let’s look at it like this… Each has developed its chosen skills over 1000 years, then one is forced to become a minority and is suddenly required to learn the other’s ways. This expectation isn’t measured over the 1000 years it took to get there it is measured in an instant, then portrayed as a weakness. The measure itself of course a product of the 1000 years it had to become what it is."

$5,500.00 NZD

Dimensions: 32x39x25cm

Medium: Mixed Media 


Take a peek at the rest of the exhibition right here...

ECLECTIA by John Shewry from Artbay Gallery, Queenstown, NZ on Vimeo.


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