Frank Gordon - 'A walk in the bush and other stories'

Frank Gordon - 'A walk in the bush and other stories'

Thursday 21st December 2023 - 4th January 2024

Frank Gordon was born in Glasgow in 1967. He came to New Zealand in 2000 and immediately fell in love with

Dunedin, its harbour, hills and natural wonders.

Gordon has drawn and painted all of his life. He has been inspired by picture books and stories as this was the

only type of art he was exposed to. Growing up, Gordon found inspiration through picture books and stories,

which led him to create his illustrative and colourful art today.

”I’m still inspired by stories. Some that I read or hear about, some that I make up and some that emerge as I delve

into a painting. Often then the paintings will have their own story, inspired by the landscape and people and

creatures that inhabit the scene. There is always whimsy, some comedy, tragedy, drama and all within a landscape

of forests, mountains or gardens.” - Frank Gordon

He is inspired now by old masters as well as modernist painters and illustrators like Bruegel and Bosch and the

worlds they created.

”I try to paint every day. Painting and drawing for me is a compulsion, almost some sort of wonderful affliction that

I can’t remedy.” - Frank Gordon

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