Heather Denison - Within

Heather Denison - Within


Heather Denison paints from her studio in Hawkes Bay overlooking the gentle, rolling hills of the countryside which is conducive to her creative lifestyle. Growing up in Africa instilled in her a love of wildlife and that passion is significant in her work. Born in Zimbabwe, she spent her early years working as a graphic designer and moved to New Zealand in 2003.

”In this exhibition, I explore the theme of being contained in an interior space or within a fragile bowl. Our world has become more constricting, and our wild creatures echo our own feelings of isolation and constraint. In the interior spaces, the inclusion of windows and chandeliers illuminate our animals who we sometimes take for granted but who are sentient beings. Although they are comfortable, there is a longing for an escape to the wilderness. The bowls are beautiful but fragile and offer a temporary place of protection”.

“The connection between the natural world and the human element is what inspires me. Native and introduced species of fauna and flora are a continuing theme in my work. The blend of past and present; man-made items combined with the creatures that inhabit the landscape echo that delicate balance. I strive to capture the emotion, atmosphere and beauty of my subject matter and hope that the work will convey stories which will resonate with the viewer.”

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