Maico Camilo - Living life in Colour

Maico Camilo - Living life in Colour

Immerse yourself in the captivating artistry of Maico Camilo, a professional artist hailing from the vibrant country of Brazil. For nearly two decades, Maico has honed his craft, embarking on an extraordinary artistic journey that commenced in New Zealand back in 2005.

Guided by the interplay of acrylics and mixed media, Maico's masterful compositions delve into the depths of his personal narrative. With each stroke of his brush, he challenges established paradigms and embraces a diverse range of artistic vocabularies. His creations extend an open invitation to contemplate the fundamental truths of our world, seamlessly bridging geographical and cultural divides.

Having traversed various continents, Maico's artistic voice reverberates across collections worldwide. His immense talent has garnered invitations to exhibit in prestigious art destinations such as New York, Milan, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, and Venice, among other cities that flourish as artistic hubs. Now returning to the embrace of New Zealand, the birthplace of his artistic odyssey, Maico's art continues to evolve, acting as a reflective mirror that captures the multifaceted dimensions of existence. Through his canvas, he extends his hand and heart, encapsulating the essence of the human experience.

The culmination of Maico's artistic journey is epitomized in his recent gallery show at the esteemed Auckland Art Museum in 2023. His inclusion in a collaborative contemporary exhibition showcased the brilliance of interdisciplinary Brazilian artists. Each piece displayed in this exhibition encompasses the experiences, emotions, and creative energy infused from his global travels.

Within each of Maico's compositions, an evocative dialogue emerges—one that transcends language and geographical boundaries. It is an invitation to embrace the vibrant colors of cultural diversity, as seen through the mesmerizing lens of his art.


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