Max Patté - TE TAKURUA AHO - Radiant Winter Lights

Max Patté - TE TAKURUA AHO - Radiant Winter Lights

Lightworx Gallery has been representing Patté in New Zealand since 2018.

Te Takurua Aho is his second solo show since the 2019 sell-out exhibition Polychromatic. This show promises an even bigger, bolder and brighter experience for viewers.

"This collection includes some of the largest works I've made. I continually seek to improve and expand upon what's come before, and these works are an attempt to push the boundaries of my practice. The immersive experience of the work is felt more so at this greater scale" – Max Patté

Some might say that Patté's work is synonymous with scale. He thinks big, dreams big and creates big. Connect and react for yourself in September.



British-born Max Patté is a multi-media contemporary artist currently based in Mallorca, Spain. He studied at the Wimbledon School of Art in London (1997-2000) and was elected an Associate of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 2008.

In 2014 Max opened his New Zealand studio and spent the subsequent eight years immersed in exploring the elemental nature of light, space and colour. He produced an expansive body of work during that time, including the popular LED-lit Lightworks, multiple series of abstracted sculpture, and the intricate Infinity Works.

In May of this year, Max relocated his studio to the Balearic Island of Mallorca, where he continues to be inspired by his natural surroundings and advances in modern technologies, using an impressive array in his day-to-day operations.

Max's work is held in collections internationally, including the infamous art collection of The Groucho Club London and the patron of the arts Sir Ian McKellen's private collection.

His sculpture Solace in the Wind is an iconic and much-loved feature of the Wellington Waterfront. His larger-than-life cast iron horses, The Frolic and the Fancy, are part of Sir Michael Hill's sculpture collection at the exclusive golf club, The Hills, in Arrowtown.




The Infinity Works are an interplay between light and dark, colour and form. They are a twist on the fundamental characteristics of painting, art and design.

Vibrant, glowing bodies appear to float in infinite space, inviting inspection, pulling us into their glossy dark depths. These works are playful and experiential, the negative space as essential as the vibrant cornucopia of colours.

Denying classification, the Infinity Works series can be viewed as paintings or sculptures or simply as objects of illusion and intrigue.




The Lightworks cycle through a set of specifically prescribed colours reflecting fleeting moments similar to those seen in the natural world. These new works reflect that feeling of momentary escape and a sense of elusive beauty.

"Light, colour, tone, saturation and warmth directly affect our mood. In much the same way our immediate natural environment prompts a physiological change, through the use of colour-controlled light in my work, I aim to produce work that offers a multi-sensory experience that provokes an emotional response. I seek to change the space in which the work is viewed, thus altering the viewers' relationship to that space." - Max Patté


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