Michael Moore - Celebrating the Land

Michael Moore - Celebrating the Land

Exhibiting Thursday 5th - 18th October 2023


Q&A’s with Michael Moore – ‘Celebrating the Land’ Front Room Exhibition 2023


1/ Who and what inspires your artwork?


 My artwork is first and foremost inspired by the evolving journey of contemporary New Zealand art and the ever-increasing unique visual and literary language that we express to the world. I am particularly inspired by the incredibly brave group of artists who through their dedicated commitment paved the way for that which follows. I am humbled and inspired by truly inspired luminaries such as Rita Angus, and Colin McCahon along with numerous others.


2/ What do you think it is about your work that immediately captures the hearts of collectors?


In my work l seek to communicate the stunning beauty of our land Aotearoa New Zealand. My work is an expression of how l experience our ever-captivating environment. In the process of my work l look to hone down my chosen subject to its essential aspects which can often find resonance with those who enjoy my work.


3/ Tell us more about your creative process? 


For many years now my artwork has been as a visual diary. As l have been producing and exhibiting my artwork l occasionally find it interesting to look back over earlier work compared to now and note the change in how l see and interact with my world.


4/ Can you tell us about your success as an artist and your biggest career highlight to date?


One of the greatest highlights of my career was to have a large diptych titled Pelorus in the mid-2000s acquired by the NZ Government for the Parliamentary collection. This has been displayed extensively throughout the Houses of Parliament, culminating in a full exhibition of my work at the Beehive in 2022.


5/ What can we expect to see in this upcoming exhibition? 


 In my latest exhibition at Artbay Queenstown titled Celebrating the Land

I have brought together a group of six new paintings that celebrate some of my favourite places. Two of these new works are based on our beloved Pohutukawa in full bloom which l am surrounded by where l live and just can't stop looking at.

I take great joy in the use of the varying shades of red which I've continued to explore over these last two years.



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