Nemo Jantzen – Keep Dreaming

Nemo Jantzen – Keep Dreaming

Known for his large scale portraits using resin domes containing hundreds of miniature photographs to create one incredible image. ‘ARTSY’ recently named Nemo Jantzen one of the top ten most in-demand artists. Nemo’s work is highly acclaimed in most leading art markets, art fairs and galleries in New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Singapore and can be found in renowned art collections both public institutions and private.

“We sometimes get bombarded by so much information that we lose sight of the bigger picture. Particularly my intent is to heighten viewer awareness of how individual perception is influenced by mass media messaging”

After collecting thousands of images from science fiction space odyssey, iconic movie scenes, vintage comic strips informed by music, travel and cityscapes, Jantzen then organizes them by theme and colour and embeds them in small handmade resin spheres. He then joins dozens of the spheres together to create large scale mixed media photographic portraits. The work requires and inspires viewers to constantly investigate their perspective through the interplay of walking up close and standing at a distance.

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