Nemo Jantzen - Upstairs 2023/2024 Exhibition

Nemo Jantzen - Upstairs 2023/2024 Exhibition

Exhibition 14th December 2023 - 20th February 2024 | | 03 442 9090 | Level 1 Eichardt's Building, Marine Parade Queenstown

Known for his large scale portraits using resin domes containing hundreds of miniature photographs to create one incredible image ‘ARTSY’ recently named Nemo Jantzen one of the top ten most in- demand artists. Nemo’s work is highly acclaimed in most leading art markets, art fairs and galleries in New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Singapore. His work can also be found in renowned art collections in both public institutions and private.

After collecting thousands of images from science fiction space odyssey, iconic movie scenes, and vintage comic strips inspired by music, travel, and cityscapes, Jantzen organizes them by theme and color. He embeds these images in small handmade resin spheres. Subsequently, he joins dozens of these spheres together, forming large-scale mixed media photographic portraits. This unique artistic process encourages and compels viewers to continually explore their perspective through the interplay of walking up close and standing at a distance.

 In his latest work, Dutch artist Nemo Jantzen combines his early painting skills with a unique twist. Instead of traditional materials, he sketches subjects using only stainless steel nails and a continuous thread on a wooden board. Guided by his photography, he zigzags thread from nail to nail, creating detailed and three-dimensional pieces that change with light and perspective. Introduced in 2018 at Art Miami, this innovative series quickly captivated art enthusiasts, collectors, and designers alike.

“We sometimes get bombarded by so much information that we lose sight of the bigger picture. Particularly my intent is to heighten viewer awareness of how individual perception is influenced by mass media messaging” - Nemo Jantzen


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