Peter Hackett - Yorick and Mum

Peter Hackett - Yorick and Mum

Thursday 7th - 20th December 2023 

Peter Hackett is an artist whose work transcends the canvas, invoking an immersive sensory experience that celebrates passion, fragrance, texture, color, and the unparalleled beauty of nature. His distinctive impasto technique involves applying layers of paint so thick that brush strokes intentionally remain visible, becoming integral to the interplay of theatrical light within his paintings.

Hackett's artistic style creates a remarkable, almost sculptural quality, inviting viewers to a seductive closeness with the artwork, making it nearly irresistible to touch. This intimacy is further heightened when observed from a lower perspective, drawing us deeper into the enchanting meadows of flowers he portrays.

A dedicated artist, Hackett seeks to establish a dominant theme in his work, focusing on the evolution of subject matter and technique while remaining steadfast against the fleeting influences of social trends. His primary inspiration comes from the lush fields of flowers that surround us during the vibrant spring and summer months.

His journey as an artist took him to Paris, where he studied under the guidance of esteemed artists such as Camillo Otero and Suzanne Runacher. His time at the Paris American Academy of Fine Arts and Languages ignited the spirit of experimentation that is evident in Hackett's work today.

In Hackett's own words, "I am not merely utilizing oil paint to depict a meadow; I am using a meadow to articulate the essence of oil paint.” 

Join us to experience the world through his eyes, where art and nature intertwine to create captivating masterpieces.
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