Rachael Errington - Impulses From a Vernal Wood

Rachael Errington - Impulses From a Vernal Wood

Rachael Errington September 2023 Exhibition Artist Q&A’s


Who and what inspires your artwork?

My work is inspired by colours in nature, and the way light filters through flora. I try to create an emotive connection so that when people look into the paintings they ‘feel’ something that is peaceful, wistful and calming. Many clients say that the paintings remind them of a moment from childhood, a walk or special place.


Tell us more about your creative process?

My creative process is simple. I go hiking and take hundreds of photos of things that I find beautiful, and then I translate it into my version on canvas. I never copy a photo (unless asked to for a commission), I allow the painting to grow outwards from a light point. Colour and depth are my main technical objectives. Beauty and calmness are my artistic objectives. I often run paintings in a series, each one different from the other but exploring the same theme. I can get completely obsessed with a certain colour, or light point.


Can you tell us about your success as an artist and your biggest career highlight to date?

 My art career has taken my paintings worldwide, I have clients and collectors globally. I share my time between my studio in New Zealand and my studio in Australia. I have won several awards – although my favourite type of recognition is through the joy my clients express from my paintings. 


What can we expect to see in this upcoming exhibition? 

My show at Artbay is an expression of pure joy for the love of nature. I have focused on colour and texture to create another world where the viewer can focus on feeling peaceful and calm. Every painting was created with a smile, and genuine love for the amazing world around us. 


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