Sacha Lees – Embracing Shadows Exhibition

Sacha Lees – Embracing Shadows Exhibition

These selected works explore conflicting forces within the human condition and the odyssey towards one's unconditional self-acceptance.

“Freedom is to live without fear.” - Nina Simone

Every aspect of our modern life is prescribed and contained by social conditioning. The consistent bombardment of images and messages demand that we conform to the norms dictated by marketing manipulators. The effect pressurizes our souls and spirits into smaller and smaller constrictions of marginalization.

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” - John F. Kennedy

I endeavour in my artworks to give hope that we can escape social confines that bind us to the common, the ordinary and be true to our own individual essence.

All that glitters is not gold. - English Proverb

Life like art is expressed through edges and shades.
Great beauty and immense tragedy are often described with the same mediums, yet it is often only the viewpoint of the observer that defines the difference.

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” - Robertson Davies

Artworks of ‘Embracing shadows’, reach arms of compassion to the facets within us that have been denied or shunned.

I hope that when a person encounters my works, they come closer to understanding the possibilities of freeing their spirit through ascension above prosaic expectations.

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