Sam Foley: A Forest

Sam Foley: A Forest

About the Exhibition:


Celebrating Natures Wonders






Sam Foley’s upcoming exhibition ‘A Forest’ celebrates New Zealand’s lush native forest, which can so easily be taken for granted. His new collection explores the Wakatipu Basin and the heavily dense forest the frames many of its local walking tracks.






Sam’s paintings will take you on a journey, the same journey that we often look for when we set foot on a weekend walk with loved ones. Sam has perfectly captured the golden light that dabbles through the trees and the sublime sun that lights the next bend.






“Every day it becomes more evident that our forests are so very important” Sam Foley






From a distance, Sam's oil paintings are extremely detailed and realistic but at a closer look, his distinct painting technique reveals meticulous layers of colour and texture that gives his work such magical light. You get a glimpse of a new softer colour palette in Sam's latest series, that is absolutely stunning. 



A feature that's exciting in ‘The Forest’ exhibition will be two works that showcase Sam’s recent focus, creating ‘Moving Image Paintings’, by combining the two mediums of oil painting and digital projections. These paintings shift and change due to the complex use of projected light and texture. Adding another layer of time & place to his works that evokes the sense of being in the moment or triggering past memories.  




“You really need to experience the complexity and beauty of these ' Moving Image Paintings’, they are quite simply breathtaking” 



Pauline Bianchi - Director Artbay Gallery Queenstown. 


If you are a nature lover, environmentalist or just a dreamer, you’ll apricate the peaceful mediative mood Sam has created with his latest body of work.


“In response to the wildfires that ravaged Australia recently, I want to celebrate the remaining unique and fragile natural wonders we are so lucky to have.” Sam Foley 




Sam is a coveted award-winning New Zealand artist, who has spent the last decade between Dunedin, Berlin, Switzerland, and Norway. 


Don’t miss the opportunity to see Sam's latest exhibition, fall in love all over again with our native forest and take a walk through his paintings as if you are walking through our own backyard.   


Sam Foley’s Exhibition ‘The Forest’ opens Friday 4th September at Artbay Gallery Queenstown.






Sam Foley exhibition

sam foley exhibition

sam foley exhibition


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