Sam Foley & Pete Wheeler – Post Pop Division

Sam Foley & Pete Wheeler – Post Pop Division


Exhibition ON NOW –
Until 2nd September, 2021

Over much of the last 2 decades, these 2 artists have travelled extensively throughout Europe. Being based mostly in multicultural Berlin has allowed different cultures room to intersect and inform their practices. It enabled travel to witness first-hand the best historical and contemporary art Europe has to offer, through its countless museums, galleries, world-leading biennales and International Art Fairs. All this is set against the backing track of the big arty heart of Berlin, beating loudly with the street and music culture the special arts capital embraces. It was a unique time.

At first glance there appears to be not a lot in common between Pete Wheeler’s and Sam Foley‘s painting but look a little closer, spend a little time in the same space with these 2 painters and the similarities will soon reveal themselves.

Post Pop Division is a celebration of 2 friend‘s shared art experiences that started out 20 years ago as studio neighbors in the Queens Building Dunedin, after which Wheeler established himself in Berlin. This move sparked over a decade of European exploration and earned him the title ‘My man in Berlin’ from Foley’s annual NZ Winter to EU Summertime relocations. It all comes full circle now, once again both being back and working in the long standing Dowling St Studios Dunedin and culminating in this Artbay Exclusive Event.


Hilltop yarns on Herculean Kassel and rooftop bars on top of Art Basel Early happy hour dining cart carriages to Prague and back
Corner late stores on Danziger Strasse all Summer long
Nick Cave concerts in parks most wild
Lost entrance ways in Budapest with the back sweats
Rhine river boat trips nach Zurich to Swiss mountain climbs
Venetian sunburnt wanderings with sleepless wonder
Club de Vissionaire turn aways, back to Uferhallen mezzanine studio stays Solothurn prize winning paintings toasted above the river Aare
Blue room hidden Whiskeys and Bear pit karaoke
‘Your bike‘s not as fast as mine!’
‘Look Pete, there goes your Dad and he’s sailing a super yacht!’
‘That’s it, I’m calling the police...’
Studio Summerslam heavy on Monteiths and Kiwi pies
Oslo rooftop apartments and cobblestoned rickshaw rides
Documenta, Biennales, hoffenlicht das ist nicht finale...



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