Simon Max Bannister 2019

Simon Max Bannister 2019


Front Room Exhibition is on now until the 9th of January 2020.
10 pieces all speaking the language of fragmented landscapes and the hope of reform.

Some have heard it already; From the forest depths, there is a sound which cracks the silence: a rippling echoing reverberant melody. The land is alive and speaks to us through birdsong. The language is that of ancient knowledge. A living story of a land in harmony, this is a call that we must heed. For it will calm our restless minds, and unify the dissonance.

Simon Max Bannister was born and bred in South Africa. He recently made the big move to New Zealand after falling in love with the dramatic beauty of the land, its people and the spirit in which nature is revered and respected.

The initial form is carefully moulded and assigned to a kiln to be incinerated. Once the original form is completely burnt away, he casts the bronze into that negative space, creating a now immortalised and unique replica of the original work.

Simon honours the creative act of Art as essential daily nourishment, weaving through many mediums he has sought to refine his approach, technique and sculptural language. Simon draws deep inspiration from the remaining wild spaces and the animals bound to them.

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