Fiona Kerr Gedson - The Art of Allowing Exhibition 🪶

She first learned traditional Maori weaving techniques from kuia (female elders) in Gisborne. Her work combines feathers, haraeke (flax), and wire, creating striking, modern pieces using techniques that run deep in New Zealand’s history. Using windswept skeletal lines of industrial materials, timber and bronze, Max weaves an inspired visual language compelled by wings, feathers and mythical beings. 

Simon Max Bannister - Penumbra Exhibition

By using windswept skeletal lines of industrial materials, timber and bronze, Max weaves an inspired visual language compelled by wings, feathers and mythical beings.

Heather Straka - Age of Encounter

Like something from 1930s noir film or Agatha Christie novel, a group of sophisticated strangers turn up at a rundown hotel seeking sanctuary. From what? We don’t know. Their secrets remain just out of reach, but each character has an elaborate backstory to guess at.

Straka is a master of the sexy and subversive. She knows how to blend Hollywood glamour and the Baroque Old Master high manner with fashion, erotic charge, and political subtext

Who is this diverse cast of characters? Why are they here? Can they leave?

Straka touches on a range of contemporary issues including Covid lockdowns, MIQ, and the politics of diversity and identity, but seduces us into thinking about these things with her marvellously theatrical aesthetic.

Elan - Transformation

Elan’s work is reminiscent of Contemporary Japanese art, his ink washes  (Sumi-e), reflect the simplicity and importance of empty space central to both art and spirituality. Looking deeper into his work you are faced with the representation of history.

At the core of his paintings is a certain sense of wisdom, a meditative state of self-discovery. It’s a sense of Zen, one Elan would describe as an “Aha Moment, which can often enlighten our journey.”

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Elan came to New Zealand in 1992 and became a New Zealand citizen in 1997. While living in Silicon Valley, CA, Elan had solo shows at The MindCenter in Palo Alto and at the St. Supery Estate Vineyard in Napa, CA. He has also had a solo show at Artbay Gallery in Queenstown, NZ in 2011 and 2020.

Michael Moore - 'The Memory of Trees'

Michael expresses his deep connection to the New Zealand landscape through his artwork. His paintings are an ongoing story and visual diary of this passion and he often produces a series of paintings on the same subject.

Regular study trips to the USA and UK have added international influences to his work; the minimalism of Georgia O'Keeffe and the perspective experimentation of David Hockney are particular favourites.

Michael’s acrylic and oil paintings appear in private and public collections around the world. He has exhibited nationally for almost 30 years and appears in The Concise Dictionary of New Zealand Artists (Guilt Edge Publishing, 2006) and in the 2005 Vero Calendar of New Zealand Artists.
Gallery is excited to welcome acclaimed artist, Charlotte Graham to the Gallery. Charlotte Graham is one of New Zealand’s interdisciplinary artist’s. 

Catherine Roberts - Mirage


MIRAGE noun:
"something illusory, without substance or reality."

'My work is the result of an Intuitive dialogue, between artist and canvas, with no set intentions, but with a purpose to captivate the viewer to carry on the conversation. Driven to find balance, using colour, texture and contrast to form a harmonious rhythm, eventually creating intangible and obscure realms. Nothing about my work is perfect. It is a natural process, lead by a feeling of balance, resulting in an organic final piece. From the applied texture to the frames, all put together with the same hands... If my art were a couch, you’d feel comfortable about putting your feet up. Over the last two decades, the journey of my work has helped me find the confidence to dispel self-placed inhibitions, and ultimately find the absolute freedom to express the way I know best. I’m not confidently spoken in life, but it seems I found my voice through my work. Painting for nearly 20 years from my Wellington studio, and exhibiting in galleries around New Zealand.'


Sally Bulling - Disco Isn't Dead! ⭐️

Disco isn’t dead! Actually, It Never Died.
Sally’s exhibition ‘Disco isn’t Dead’ celebrates one of the most fascinating times in pop culture. Vibrant colours are mixed with sombre hues and rich metallics channelled onto the mirror with physical movements, sweeping marks, dripping flicks and elaborate pours. 

The works titled after disco hits from the period - is a nod to a society that was living in a time, where living free and against the norm was the lifestyle choice. Disco was glamorous, it was the music of the jet set, it was psychedelic colours, flashy golds and beaming lights. 

Disco isn’t dead! The counterculture innovation of yesterday has snuck its way into the mainstream of today. Society today isn’t following the exact formulas, but rather picking apart certain key elements to create their own disco lifestyles. This exhibition captures my love for a little bit of the retro disco vibe but is mixed with the strong contemporary forms and mediums.

Charlotte Graham – Kitenga Tuarua

Artbay Gallery is excited to welcome acclaimed artist, Charlotte Graham to the Gallery. Charlotte Graham is one of New Zealand’s interdisciplinary artist’s. 


Known as a conceptual Māori artist, she is Ngāti Whanaunga mana whenua mandated by her iwi.

Graham confidently tests different materials to engage in indigenous dialogue. Her work has addressed social, cultural and political issues for more than twenty years now. This consistent concern for the social, political and Anthropocene are often the spring for new work.

Sam Foley & Pete Wheeler – Post Pop Division

Post Pop Division is a celebration of 2 friend‘s shared art experiences that started out 20 years ago as studio neighbors in the Queens Building Dunedin, after which Wheeler established himself in Berlin. 


Over much of the last 2 decades, these 2 artists have travelled extensively throughout Europe. Being based mostly in multicultural Berlin has allowed different cultures room to intersect and inform their practices. It enabled travel to witness first-hand the best historical and contemporary art Europe has to offer, through its countless museums, galleries, world-leading biennales and International Art Fairs. All this is set against the backing track of the big arty heart of Berlin, beating loudly with the street and music culture the special arts capital embraces. It was a unique time.

At first glance there appears to be not a lot in common between Pete Wheeler’s and Sam Foley‘s painting but look a little closer, spend a little time in the same space with these 2 painters and the similarities will soon reveal themselves.

Cheree Te Orangaroa Downes – WHETŪ

Celebrating Matariki with a Cheree Te Orangaroa Downes Exhibition. Join us in the Front room gallery to witness the magical nine artworks representing each of the nine whetū of Matariki.


Contrary to popular belief, there are nine stars in the star cluster of Matariki, rather than seven. They all hold dominion over particular areas of our environment as seen from a Māori worldview. In celebration of Matariki, Cheree Te Orangaroa Downes has released her newest collection of woven artwork titled 'Whetū'. 


Showing in the Front Room Gallery until 21st July 2021


VIRUT – Auckland Sidespace Gallery Exhibition

As the first-ever Auckland VIRUT show commences, we are excited to share with you his latest collection of artworks!


Virut is an artist overflowing with creativity, he ditches the traditional oil brush for piles of colourful magazines cuttings. This successful formula sees tiny scraps of colourful paper, meticulously layered one next to the other to produce eye-popping portraits. His larger than life collages, are complex and vivid, from a distance the portraits are almost hyperrealistic, viewed closely the original image softly dissolves into the layers of paper.

Fiona Kerr Gedson – Whenua

Fiona Kerr Gedson opens the doors to her newest exhibition titled – WHENUA. Front room show at Artbay Gallery.


Recently Fiona has begun to celebrate her appreciation for the natural environment through landscape works. Her landscapes capture a moment in time, though they are symbolic of a state of mind, rather than a specific place. She is deeply soothed by time spent in nature. As a calm mother teaches her child to self-regulate by being, connecting to Papatūānuku can guide us to find peace within ourselves. Fiona explores this concept with serene and timeless imagery.

Jimmy James Kouratoras – An Ode to My Grecian Urn

For his upcoming exhibition at Artbay Gallery Queenstown, Jimmy James Kouratoras pays homage to his Greek ancestry.

Jimmy james kouratoras Artwork

Inspired by his travels to his Cretan homeland in the Mediterranean, including the ancient ruins of Knossos, his artworks are influenced by the Cretan pottery, specifically large-scale urns and vases that were used to preserve olives, oil and other perishables.

Elan – Awakening

In our upstairs exclusive exhibitions gallery we present the newest collection from Zen artist – ELAN!


Awakening. This show is about self-reflection, embracing our shared humanity and expressing gratitude for the privilege of Being. It’s a recognition of where we came from, the appreciation of the unfathomable odds of life ever even happening, the gift of being able to experience the journey, and the recognition that This is it! It’s about the celebration of life itself. Enjoy the show.  
– Elan

VIRUT 2020 Exhibition

Artbay Gallery presents the newest body of work produced by the king of collage – VIRUT Panchabuse!


The Artist celebrates the character and emotions of his subjects regardless of their gender, age and ethnicity. Each different, each unique but all full of emotions. The final product of Virut’s tedious practice, are very distant from the original source. Each portrait different & unique but full of emotion.

Sam Foley: A Forest

Sam Foley is a coveted award-winning New Zealand artist, who has spent the last decade between Dunedin, Berlin, Switzerland, and Norway.

Sam Foley Artwork

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Sam's latest exhibition, fall in love all over again with our native forest and take a walk through his paintings as if you are walking through our own backyard.

‘The Forest’ opens Friday 4th September at Artbay Gallery Queenstown.

Rachael Errington: Journey Through The Seasons

Take a 'Journey Through The Seasons' with Rachael Errington's latest collection of artworks that celebrate wondrous wooden landscapes. 

Rachael Errington Artwork

Rachael Errington's timeless depictions of seasons and nature are created using oils and acrylics, using a special layering technique which she has developed over the last ten years. The results are distinctive, textural, and often described as ethereal and reflective of an ‘enchanted forest’.

Isaac Petersen: 2020 Exhibition

Contemporary hyperrealism artist Isaac Petersen showcases his newest collection of Oil paintings in our Exclusive Exhibitions Space. 

Isaac Petersen Artwork

This body of work transports the viewer right into the heart of Central Lake's most mesmerising locations.

"My work is a culmination of stories from my life, my home, and places I have been." – Isaac Petersen

Max Patté: Polychromatic

Artbay Gallery is excited to welcome senior Contemporary Artist, Max Patté to the team! 

max patté

Max is well known for his iconic sculpture Solace in the Wind located on the Wellington waterfront and his larger than life cast iron horses The Frolic and the Fancy found at the Hills Golf Club & Sculpture Park in Queenstown. Having acquired corporate patrons and collectors throughout the world, including Sir Ian McKellen, Charles Saatchi, Stephen Fry, Sir Richard Taylor, and Sir Michael Hill; Max is quickly becoming one of New Zealand's most successful artists.

Mad As A Hatter Akarua Art Exhibition

The joint event of Artbay Gallery’s 15th Birthday & the release of

Akarua’s 25 Steps.

Through their own experience and expressions, 5 Artists have created artworks, to tempt you back to relive childhood nostalgia; the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland, and the infamous Mad Hatters Tea Party.

VIRUT – First New Zealand Exhibition


Internationally renowned artist Virut to personally open his first New Zealand show.

After phenomenal success in Asia, Virut gained global attention and held sell-out shows in Amsterdam (2017) and Bahrain (2018). Artbay Gallery Director Pauline Bianchi says she is “very, very excited” to host Virut’s first New Zealand show.

Tony O'Keefe: Central Otago Treasures

Blaze by Tony O'Keefe

The latest collection to arrive at Artbay is new works by award-winning Queenstown sculptor Tony O’Keefe

He’s known for his use of recycled materials, particularly locally found steel. When you take home a Tony O’Keefe sculpture, quite often you’re taking home a piece of Central Otago history. Read more here.

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